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Build Your Own Speakers - at-home class

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Build a pair of speakers with us - in your own apartment, with your own hands - and learn a ton in the process. Gluing, soldering, wiring - the sort of stuff people used to do for fun...

You get everything you need (can even borrow the tools, if you like), and learn the skills to build more complicated projects in the future.

You assemble the enclosure, veneer and finish the front, assemble and solder the crossover, wire the whole thing up. Ninety minutes of personal Zoom/Facetime and detailed instructions are all included.

Choice of real wood veneers for the front: walnut (dark brown), cherry (reddish and light), sapele (like mahogany - reddish and dark). Finished speakers are 6" x 9" x 8 1/2" deep.

Don’t know your flush-cut snips from your soldering iron? Borrow a toolkit with everything you need for $25, which includes a pre-paid return box.

Zoom/Facetime scheduled once shipping date confirmed.

Be part of the inaugural batch at a discounted price - email for details.

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