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“Old” glued version of the Speaker Class

In stock
Product Details

Just like our "Build Your Own Speakers" class, but you use glue and clamps to assemble the enclosure rather than those nifty connectors and a hex wrench.

When we offered this class in a group setting, we used glue and clamps, and we still have a few of those sets left.

Limited stock on hand, ready for NYC delivery (rather than shipping the clamps and all - we'll drop this off).

Not too hard to assemble, but if it’s your first time around or it will be on your kitchen table, it may be a bit tricky. Glue and all necessary clamps are included.

As with the other speaker class, you have the option of the tool kit and choice of veneers.

(Regularly $545, $445 while they last, NYC only, contactless delivery.)

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