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We like to arrange a meetup each month to hear some great gear and hang out with some drinks and snacks.

Could be serious high-end equipment, a killer vintage setup, or a studio - so far it's always been a good time.

We send out an email invite a few weeks before each event. Sign up at the bottom of this page to get on the list. Space may be limited, depending on the host.

Care to host? Let us know! 

(It has always been a low-key, respectful crowd.)

(In this time of COVID-19, meetups are TBD, but we will resume soon as it as appropriate to do so.)


  • Mark in Crown Heights - Bel Canto, Davone, serious power supplies, serious cocktails too, all digital setup (TBD, was March '20)

  • Malcolm in Crown Heights - vintage McIntosh pre and power amps, recently restored, with Klipsch Forte IIIs (TBD, was April '20)

Previous Meetups​
  • Bohemien Bar in Brooklyn Heights - showcasing the new line arrays and vintage Altec Model 17s (March '20)

  • High End Audio Auctions - Marantz 8A and Model 7(!) powering a pair of JBL Summit 300s(!!), fed by a SME 30.2 turntable set up with a Koetsu cartridge(!!!) (February '20)

  • Planeta - Perry Brandston's incredible line arrays (June '19)

  • Daniel in Prospect Heights - featuring a rare vintage Thorens long base turntable and a pristine Pioneer SX-1250 (March '18)​

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