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New classes and services added regularly so that you can build your entire system, or get some help to make it sound like it should.

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Build Your Own Speakers

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**July 16, 18, 23, 25 session is sold out, but there's still space in the August session - email if you'd like to be on the waiting list for July.

Build your first pair of speakers that won't look like they're the first pair of speakers you built.

The class is designed to teach you how speakers work, why these sound good and the science behind them - along with some serious soldering, woodworking, and finishing skills.

You can apply what you learn to other speaker (and non-speaker) projects, and you can bring a friend (or your high-school-aged kid) to help you build them too.

These are based on Paul Carmody's Overnight Sensations (and he receives a royalty for each pair made) - a real crowd pleaser with bass that belies their size (about 6" x 9" x 8").

(These are passive speakers which require an amplifier - lots of great inexpensive options out there to get started that will allow you to stream from your phone - feel free to contact for suggestions.)

The enclosures are precision CNC'd out of walnut-veneered MDF with the grain waterfalling over the top, and a Valchromat front baffle - all of which looks quite slick. A large component of the class is learning gluing, clamping, sanding, and finishing to make them look the part.

We'll learn how crossovers work and assemble and solder our own from a handful of parts, then wire them up and test the speakers.

The next pair you build is up to you.

Each class is 4 sessions from 7-10pm, at 267 Douglass Street, in Gowanus.

The class is limited to 6 speaker makers, and everyone is welcome to bring a friend (or their kid 14+) to help.

All tools and supplies are provided - just show up.

We'll also have an informal meetup the Thursday before to give them a listen and nerd out a bit. Anyone on the fence about the class is welcome to attend. Contact for more details.

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