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Configuring miniDSP with REW

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miniDSP is an incredibly powerful and affordable digital signal processor that can serve as an active crossover and provide digital room correction. But you probably know that. You just want to know how to set it up properly - the learning curve can be a bit steep.

In this class we go over how to take and interpret measurements in REW, create filters, and then how to import them into miniDSP and measure the results.

This class is held one-on-one as needed, either at Gowanus Audio HQ, via Zoom/Facetime, or at your location (depending on location, price may vary).

miniDSP creates small, inexpensive digital signal processors that you can use as a crossover, as well as to EQ your system to your room using REW - but the learning curve can be steep.

What we do: Step through the process of taking a measurement using REW and the U-MIK1, interpreting the results, creating the filters, and inputting the settings into the miniDSP 2x4HD.

What you learn: How to set the system up relatively quickly, with confidence. With practice, it takes just a few minutes, but if teaching yourself, it's going to take a few tries. We focus on the "big picture" so you know you're doing it right and know what matters.

Price: $75

Live classes held at Gowanus Audio HQ detailing the process as a small group. Live on-site (or via Zoom) with your own setup are additional options.

Classes run about 90min and are held at Gowanus Audio HQ. Private classes on-site or via Zoom also available, and prices may vary depending on the setup, location.

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