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You can get a pretty good deal if you do it yourself.

Speakers, cables, room eq, and more - a little know-how goes a long way.

Have a class idea or want to talk about corporate team-building events?

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More classes on the way...
Eventually - over the course of a year, you build your entire system...
Build the "Overnight Sensations"

If you've been itching to build a pair of speakers, but don't know where to begin, start with us.

What you make: A great pair of speakers that will best speakers both larger and more expensive, and included with them, at no additional cost, will be a strong desire to build more speakers.

What you learn: A little bit of everything which you can apply to future projects - properly gluing the enclosure, applying veneer, sanding, and finishing with Danish oil. How crossovers work (the part that sends the lows to the woofer and highs to the tweeter), how to assemble one, as well as soldering skills and how to wire it all up. 

Features: Proven design with bass that belies their size and looks to match. Enclosure made of 3/4" Colorfin, removable front baffle made of 3/4" Baltic birch with your choice of veneer - walnut (shown), cherry (more reddish), or sapele (like mahogany).

(Paul Carmody, who came up with the design and who is a well-known designer among speaker nerds, gets a small royalty for every pair made.)

Price: $545

Classes run either for a full day or two evenings and are held as needed, or locally via Zoom (we'll even drop off all tools and supplies - if you can put down some newspaper on a table you can make these in your apartment) - get in touch for details about the next session.

**Zoom-based classes without the need to glue and clamp coming soon.

Want us to build you a pair of these? Let's talk options. 

Starting at $845.

Build your own interconnects

Learn how to build your own custom cables the right way. Use the materials you want, and save money after just a few cables.

What you make: 1m (or shorter) pair of RCA interconnects (other options available at additional cost).

What you learn: How to properly solder connectors to the cable - and with that skill you can make almost any cable: balanced, TS (1/4"), "Aux cord", etc., using all sorts of "exotic" materials.

Features: Canare cable (4-conductor star-quad) and connectors. Cable feels good in the hand and rejects noise (many colors available), and the F-9 connectors are a high-quality choice.  

Price: $90

Classes run about 90min and are held live, as needed, or via Zoom (we'll even loan you the tools) - get in touch for details about the next session.

Need cables? Silver with exotic dielectrics? Speaker cables as thick as your arm? Basic RCAs at custom lengths?

All can be done. Let us know what you need.

Configuring miniDSP with REW

miniDSP creates small, inexpensive digital signal processors that you can use as a crossover, as well as to EQ your system to your room using REW - but the learning curve can be steep.

What we do: Step through the process of taking a measurement using REW and the U-MIK1, interpreting the results, creating the filters, and inputting the settings into the miniDSP 2x4HD.

What you learn: How to set the system up relatively quickly, with confidence. With practice, it takes just a few minutes, but if teaching yourself, it's going to take a few tries. We focus on the "big picture" so you know you're doing it right and know what matters.

Price: $75


Live classes held at Gowanus Audio HQ detailing the process as a small group. Live on-site (or via Zoom) with your own setup are additional options. 

Classes run about 90min and are held at Gowanus Audio HQ. Private classes on-site or via Zoom also available, and prices may vary depending on the setup, location.​

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