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Who's Gowanus Audio for?

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

That’s the thing I’ve been trying to articulate for a while now, and I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. When I first started putting this all together years ago, it was “speaker classes!” as something adjacent to what I was doing with woodworking - how to make stuff - but now it’s more than that.

It’s really for anyone who’s into the experience of really listening to music, and all the gear that goes with that, and wants more of that - and wants to create that experience with their own two hands. Anyone who thinks just sitting on their couch with a drink and an album for 40 minutes staring at their amp and speakers is a great evening.

You hear it, feel it, see it, may even smell it if you just finished soldering some part of it. You can’t get that from some “smart speaker” you hide in the corner. That’s just background music. Even if it has bloated mid-bass and a boosted upper mids to give it a supposed “rich, full sound”... It's disposable. Forgetable.

But where to find these like-minded folks? And where have they gone? There are no more hi-fi stores to hang out at, fewer friends who have this gear in their homes. It’s increasingly niche. From the classes and meetups we’ve held, it’s always been a wide variety who attends - it’s not one age, background, price range, industry, or neighborhood - and that does make the typical marketing strategies a little more difficult. We’re not selling cars, or offering wedding planning services or yoga classes - examples where you can say “these are my customers...” and do the textbook stuff.

But the customers are out there - anyone who’s into the experience and may want to dip a toe into the DIY side, wants us to make a really nice equipment rack or put together a system for their bar, or just wants to have some beers and talk about speakers. So we’re finding ways to bring these people together, and from there more cool custom builds for bars and retail, classes, products, and meetups. It’s all about moving the listening experience to the foreground.

Something we can do for you? Let us know.

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